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Intensive Program

Learn French Geneva now offers 5-6 hours a day of French custom-tailored language coaching.

Jump to the next level of the Common European Framework of References for Languages in JUST ONE WEEK.

This method, based on a minute diagnosis of your strengths and lacks, offers to guide you with a uniquely targeted program, comprising all fields required to improve in any language, and more. A roadmap to success, where both learner and teacher sign a commitment agreement which clearly defines both parties’ roles and duties.

Why are we different? Our approach covers linguistics, etymology, diction, expression, comprehension. We use your own mother tongue and show you the mechanisms at stake to switch almost seamlessly to French.

Just ask for a quote from us.

See what our clients say about us :

Richard S.

I contacted LearnFrenchGeneva to find a tutor who specializes in teaching French to English speakers; who is patient, flexible and has a passion for teaching languages. The CEO of LearnFrenchGeneva, Ms. Anouche Karaman, went to great lengths to match my needs with a tutor. As someone who struggles with learning languages, especially in terms of grammar, I was delighted to have been put in contact with Marisa Aline Pegat-Toquet, who, in the space of three months, has convinced me that not only is learning French possible, but also enjoyable. She is dedicated, passionate and caring, and ensures that our lessons are bespoke and tailored to my particular needs. As such, I can highly recommend LearnFrenchGeneva for anyone seeking to find a private tutor, and in particular, for English speakers wishing to learn French. Moreover, as part of the language classes, all students are provided with access to an interactive website with hundreds of different exercises and tests.

Dr Richard C.

I have tried French classes from various providers through my life but never made much progress beyond what I learnt at school. Individual tutoring provided Learn French Geneva has proven very effective and enabled me to converse in French for the first time. I have passed the B1 Delf and am now preparing for the B2. Lessons are flexible and the content is adjusted to individual needs and can be at home or in the office. Very friendly and clear teaching style.

John C.

I have been a client of Learn French Geneva (‘LFG’) for over two years. I am originally Canadian, so took French all the way through school, but I am 59 years old and that was 40 years ago. Landing in Europe, with kids in French-language schools and work issues largely in French required that I bring French back to ‘top of mind.’ I’m fairly busy, so don’t have a lot of time to devote to language study.
I found that LFG met my needs pretty precisely. They use their own teaching method, which cuts across traditional approaches to deliver an efficient, rules-based approach to French. Their website is amazing, with links to just about every type of French-langauge resource you can imagine. Within six months I was speaking sufficient French to be able to handle ‘life’, both in terms of work and in terms of my personal and family life. I still do all my children’s parent-teacher conferences in French and speak to my children’s friends’ parents in French, as well as use the language regularly in my business and personal life. In Switzerland French speakers often recognize that, as an anglophone Canadian, my background in French is comparable to their background in German. Based on that comparison, they are both gracious and surprised at my ability to communicate so effectively. I owe that to LFG.
I recommend LFG highly to anyone who is willing to apply themselves to learn the language, but wants it delivered clearly, practically, straightforwardly and efficiently. I believe they have found the right mix of digital resources and in-person teaching to enable their students to excel. I strongly encourage you to allow them to advertise on your website. I would be pleased to respond to any questions or comments. I have taken the liberty of copying Anouche Karaman on this email to facilitate your correspondence with her.

Dean L.

I have been taking lessons in French via Learn French Geneva for more than 18 months, and I can fully and whole-heartedly recommend the learning model, teachers, services and facilities offered by this school.
It offers flexibility and a very extensive website, which allows me to learn and take lessons at my own pace and convenience without penalty for any necessary disruption to the lessons schedule. The teachers are extremely competent, friendly and patient.

Just ask for a quote from us.

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